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Home Improvement | Speedy Plastics & Resins

  • Why You Should Choose Fibreglass Flat Roofing 17th February 2017

    If you are thinking about updating your roof due to wear and tear, age or just looking for a better material, then fibreglass flat roofing is an excellent choice for you.

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  • Top Tips for Home DIY Projects 15th November 2016

    Home improvement projects are on the rise as they are usually more cost-effective and with instruction videos online they are easier to do now. However, if you are thinking of starting a home improvement project it is important to  be prepared and keep safe.

    Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail!

    Before starting any DIY project it is... View Post

  • Protecting your Lawn for Winter 24th October 2016

    The winter is fast approaching and with it comes the dreaded wet, rainy weather, and also the possibility of snow.

    The increase in wet weather is not only harmful to humans, but can also be damaging to your lawns and plants as well. During this season, waterlogging chances increase which is when water sits on the surface and drains very slowly, causing... View Post

  • How to Install Bathroom Wall Panels 30th September 2016

    Do you ever look at your bathroom and think it needs a bit of an updating? The wall tiles are startin
    g to look a bit out-dated? Or did you moved in a while ago, the bathroom tiles didn’t match but you didn’t have the funds at the time to replace them?

    Before you go online and... View Post

  • What you need to know: Building & Planning Regulations 16th August 2016

    Getting started on a project? Unfortunately, before you can get on with the hands on work you will need to consider current building and planning regulations relevant to your project. They cover aspects of the build such as environmental regulations, health and safety and the disruption it may cause to your neighbours.

    You will need to submit your plans to the... View Post

  • Laying Underground Soil and Waste Systems 13th July 2016

    If you are looking to lay your own underground drainage system then there’s a lot to consider before you get started. We’ve put together a quick rundown of different factors that need to be planned out before getting digging.


    Ensure you look at the plans for your property to establish any existing pipework and whether you are responsible for the repairs.... View Post

  • Top Reasons to Choose Freefoam Products 24th June 2016

    We stock Freefoam products at Speedy Plastics & Resins as we know it ensures our customers receive top quality items for the lowest prices.

    Here’s our top reasons why we love it:

    Fully integrated.The fully integrated roofline system for fascia boards and soffit boards makes sure the job is simple and ensures there’s always a product fit for the project.

    Flexible range. Freefoam have a... View Post

  • Ceiling & Wall Panels and Trims: Geopanels 22th May 2016

    Geopanels are high gloss, decorative wall panels that are available in a wide range of colours. They come as standard at 10mm thick with the trims available in white and silver. The panels are easy to fit and maintain whilst adding a very stylish finish to the room. Geopanels are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories with a range of... View Post

  • Fibreglass GRP Roofing Trims: What’s best for the job? 21th March 2016

    Fibreglass GRP roof trims help make any roofing project have a nice, clean, professional finish. All the trims tend to be standardised in size to a point where they look pretty much identical from any supplier. However, the quality will vary so ensure you go to a reputable fibreglass supplier.

    Take a look at our guide below for the trims available,... View Post

  • Why Use Fiberglass for your Roofing Projects? 15th January 2016

    Fiberglass, or GRP, is a great option for a wide variety of roofing projects. It is perfect for garages, extensions, guttering and balconies. The standard resins are pretty simple to apply and can be done by most DIY enthusiasts!

    Top 5 Reasons to use Fiberglass

    1. Durable. The finish, if properly installed, is water tight and resistant to weathering. The seamless finish ensures a... View Post

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