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Fibreglass GRP Roofing Trims: What’s best for the job?

Fibreglass GRP roof trims help make any roofing project have a nice, clean, professional finish. All the trims tend to be standardised in size to a point where they look pretty much identical from any supplier. However, the quality will vary so ensure you go to a reputable fibreglass supplier.

Take a look at our guide below for the trims available, their uses and some great examples of our products available for each.

Flat Trim. These trims are pretty versatile and can be used to slip underneath tiles, gutter lining or as a continuous trim underneath where a pitched roof meets a flat roof. F300 trims are 300mm wide and F600 trims 600mm wide. Both trims are sold in various lengths usually by the metre up to 20m long.

Drip Trim. Use this trim on the lowest point of the roofing to help direct the flow of water from the roof into the gutter. The drip trim is available in three sizes, take a look at our product page for A200 and A250 for more details.

Parapet Trim. This raised edge/curb trim helps to direct the water in the correct direction towards a drip trim rather than running directly off the edge. Take a look at our parapet trims for more information, we stock B260 and B300 trims.


Expansion Trim. Raised edge trims can also come as raised ridges across a flat roof to allow for expansion. Take a look at our omega shaped expansion trim here (E280) which is great for use on large areas.

Wall Fillets and Up Stands. Used to waterproof where a roof joins an abutting wall or fascia to prevent leaks with expansion and contraction. The trims also come with joined options for internal and external corners. Take a look at our eaves flashing trim here.

We stock all of our trims in lengths of 3m and a light grey finish. They are suitable for all flat roofing and pitched roofing projects whether DIY or professional.

We stock only top quality products for the best prices online. Take a look at our Price Promise if you manage to find the same products cheaper elsewhere.

Take a look through our full range of fibreglass trims here.