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Laying Underground Soil and Waste Systems

If you are looking to lay your own underground drainage system then there’s a lot to consider before you get started. We’ve put together a quick rundown of different factors that need to be planned out before getting digging.


Ensure you look at the plans for your property to establish any existing pipework and whether you are responsible for the repairs. If the work is going ahead, inform the Building Control Department in your area to get the final sign off.

Type of pipe

uPVC pipes are great for simplicity in planning and executing the underground pipework. Clay pipes are more stable but far more difficult to work with, making them more suited to bigger construction projects.

Trench digging

Only dig the trench for the pipes at a time that is as close as possible to when you will be able to lay the pipes. This will help to avoid damage and flooding. Worth noting that legal requirements require a trench deeper than 4ft to be shored up.

Trench preparation

You will need to create a bed for the pipes in the trench. Choose from pea shingles or a granular material to create the bed to help stabilise and support the pipes.

Pipe gradients

Check the level of your pipework with a laser level or other levelling instrument. Surface water drainage and foul water drainage require different gradients so research and factor this in when planning your project.

Pipe maintenance

Plan ahead with your pipework and ensure the manholes and chambers are easily accessible for any maintenance and repair work. uPVC pipes will require maintenance every few years so best to make this as easy as possible for when the time comes.

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There’s a wide range of drain, sewer and surface water pipes available with a great choice of diameters to suit all projects. Take a look at our range of uPVC underground soil and waste pipes for more information.

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