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Protecting your Lawn for Winter

The winter is fast approaching and with it comes the dreaded wet, rainy weather, and also the possibility of snow.

The increase in wet weather is not only harmful to humans, but can also be damaging to your lawns and plants as well. During this season, waterlogging chances increase which is when water sits on the surface and drains very slowly, causing a pool of water on the surface.

Waterlogging can be very damaging to the soil, as the build-up of water leaves no air space in the saturated soil, and plant roots can drown. This results in rotting plants, plants discolouring or stunted plant growth – all of which are a gardener’s nightmare!

How to Keep your Lawn Protected

To avoid a situation like this, there are a few things you can do to help your lawn drain a bit better during the winter.


  1. Aeration – this will allow the lawn to absorb the water more easily and can be done by anyone. All you need to do is get a spiking tool, which can be bought or you can use a simple garden tool such as a garden fork, and prick holes into the lawn. By doing this, water will flow from the surface to the deeper layers.
  2. Keep it clear – remove any old leaves that have fallen or any debris or rubbish. By removing these, you remove potential blockage that can cause more waterlogging.
  3. Try and keep off the lawn – during the winter it is best to stay off the lawn as much as possible until it is in a workable condition. This is to avoid compact the soil further, causing it harder for water to be drained and making the situation worse.
  4. Good health – this is a prevention method to be done during the spring and summer, and before winter approaches. By applying fertiliser during the spring you can help the grass grow better roots, while during the autumn feeding it with lawn feed can aid good growth. This will give plants strong roots and enable them to withstand floods.
  5. Install a drainage system – There are many drainage systems that can be installed, such as French drain or soak away. You may be able to do this yourself if you are quite handy however it is best to seek a professional as it involves digging up part of your lawn to install the system. Once installed, the drains will aid the flow of water away from your lawn, keeping it from getting waterlogged. This method is the most expensive option; however, it has the best long-term results and if you are a keen gardener, it is definitely one to consider to help keep your lawn maintained.

All the above tips are great ways to help keep protect your lawn during the winter months and keep it healthy.

For further information on improving lawn drainage, please do not hesitate to contact Speedy Plastics and Resins on local number (0844) 8586670, and our team will be delighted to help.