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Top Tips for Home DIY Projects

Home improvement projects are on the rise as they are usually more cost-effective and with instruction videos online they are easier to do now. However, if you are thinking of starting a home improvement project it is important to  be prepared and keep safe.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail!

Before starting any DIY project it is good to plan and prepare, thinking about any safety measures. Always read the instructions and make sure you understand them, checking that you have the right equipment and right working space. If it is a big project always consider getting someone else to help or assist along the way.


Before you start, it is good to have a plan in place for waste disposal. DIY waste is normally not suitable for normal waste collection, so you will need to think about hiring a skip or hippo bag for waste. Another solution is also taking waste to your local skip, however you will need a place to store the waste before it goes to the skip site.

Other things that are handy when starting a DIY project are a first aid kit and a mobile phone - both are great for any emergencies or first aid kits.

Protect your Furniture:

DIY projects can be very messy so make sure you consider the area you are working in and get the necessary items to protect them, large dust sheets or plastic sheets are great for protecting furniture and the floor, and can be found at low prices.

Think of Others:

Not only do you need to protect your furniture and possessions, you will also need to consider how others will be affected, such as any family, pets or people in your area.

Make sure you seal off work areas and keep up warning signs for items such as dangerous tools, or even wet paint. Also, think about the time you are working on the project. You may have more free time in the evening but drilling or hammering late at night will likely result in noise complaints from your neighbours.

Bonus Tip:

As you go long it is always a good idea to clean your tools, especially if you are painting or using adhesive and mortar. They will dry hard, which will then become difficult to clean off.

All these are great tips to think about when starting a DIY project and with careful planning beforehand, it can make any project go smoother and a lot safer as well. If of course you are unsure of anything, always consult with a professional.

If you are thinking about starting a DIY project, why not check out our range of products here, or call us on 0844 8586 670.