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Why Use Fiberglass for your Roofing Projects?

Fiberglass, or GRP, is a great option for a wide variety of roofing projects. It is perfect for garages, extensions, guttering and balconies. The standard resins are pretty simple to apply and can be done by most DIY enthusiasts!

Top 5 Reasons to use Fiberglass

  1. Durable. The finish, if properly installed, is water tight and resistant to weathering. The seamless finish ensures a long term solution for flat roofing. Water cannot seep between the layers and wind can’t move through it, maintaining the integrity of the roof.
  2. Long lasting. Fiberglass roofing will last for decades and remain low maintenance throughout its lifespan. It will last at least 3 times as long as traditional felt roofing. Once cured, the roof will not deteriorate, attract mosses and rot like other roofing.
  3. Variety. Fiberglass comes in a wide variety of colours to match any need. You can also choose between a smooth finish or non-slip if the area will be used as a walkway.
  4. Low maintenance. The reapplication of the top layer now and then will be all the maintenance required and will return the roof to a ‘good-as-new’ state. It can also be simply cleaned using a mop and bucket or your hose/pressure washer to blast any dirt away.
  5. Repairable. The roofing will rarely need repairs unless there has been a large impact to the surface. Damage can be easily repaired by either removing and replacing the affected area or patching the area up. If you then finish the roof with a new top coat, the repaired section should not be visibly different from the rest of the roof.


Fiberglass Product Range at Speedy Plastics and Resins

We have a wide range of products suitable for many projects. Take a look through our full range of resins and associated products here.

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